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Nice + Concise offers a variety of professional writing services to help you better inform and connect with your audience. Instructional content isn't written by a robot, so why should it read like one? I can help you help better.

As a trained professional writer, my voice is clear and concise, but doesn't compromise on personality. I love turning complex information into engaging educational content, bridging the communication gap between screens and people. 

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Technical writers come in two forms: those with a technical background, and those with a writing background—that's me. My love of writing, rather than a traditional technical background, is what makes me a strong technical writer—I relate to the non-technical audience. I know how to present technical, scientific, legal, or otherwise dense information in a way that is digestible, friendly, and engaging to those reading it. At the same time, my deep curiosity, fast learning, and communication skills allow me to become a temporary expert (trademark pending) on the subject at hand. Whether you want to create or revamp your knowledge base, user guides, help text, legal forms, or any other type of internal or external communications—I can help! 



In addition to creating instructional content from scratch, I absolutely love re-imagining existing content. The way information is presented can either welcome your audience or repel them. Using a unique combination of plain language and a friendly tone, I can turn highly technical content into material that feels inviting and approachable to your audience. Does your written content feel clunky and laden with technical jargon? Perhaps you have options out there to help customers, but you're still getting a ton of incoming support emails? Or maybe you want to publish new content that was written by non-writers and needs a bit of a makeover? I can help!

Instructional Design

Instructional Design

The truth is, I've been practicing Instructional Design work since before I even knew what it was. At my first ever job in tech, I found myself creating and coordinating training sessions for teachers and educators across North America. That initial experience, coupled with my love of helping people, led me to explore this field more. I am now trained in instructional design and have a solid understanding of adult learning theory and the ADDIE model, and how to apply that knowledge effectively. If you need to design and deliver instructional material in an academic or corporate setting using tested methodology and modern tools, I can help!

eLearning Development

eLearning Development

Instructional Design can be applied in a variety of ways, but these days, eLearning is the name of the game. As both an online teacher and developer of eLearning content, I know how to effectively develop this content in a way that is both engaging to learners and comfortably teachable to instructors. I'm also experienced in developing self-guided eLearning for adult learners. If you have the need to develop self-guided or instructor-led eLearning material in an academic, corporate, or other capacity, I can help!

Who Am I?


Thanks for asking!

After all, there's always a human behind the words.

I'm Alex—really nice to meet you.

I'm based in Toronto, Ontario, although I work with clients around the world.

I have a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a post-graduate certificate in Professional Writing from Centennial College.

I love connecting with people, but highly value my alone time—I'm a true extroverted introvert, which is part of what makes me great at what I do.

Outside of my writing career, I'm also an Etsy shop owner and wedding officiant.

Please reach out for my resume, writing samples, or references.

If any of my services are of interest to you, please reach out—I'd love to chat!

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